New Tracks

Too deliriously dreamy to be taken too seriously, this Italo track just builds the joy. And then kicks in the vocals. Nice. Very nice. Almost got a Goldfrapp feel to it – but from 1983.

Lama ‎– Love On The Rocks

Another track that’s taken me a few listens to really go for, I have fallen for the zip-wire synth that splits this shaky, offbeat techno track in two. Very now, very Hessle Audio kind of sound.

Hooverian Blur – Phantom Space

Quality garage track – good bassline, vocal snippets and a two-step groove. An alter ego of Burnski, who is well known for some quality house tracks.

Instinct – Someone

I think I love this although there is a humourous element of someone shouting “pingers” which may be clouding my judgement. Stripped-back and raw feeling garage otherwise.

Gary Dinger – Pingers

Yes boss, this is a lightweight garage feeling track yet has a funky, electro-feeling bassline. Should have been bigger.

Kosh – Null 212

I don’t know about you but I’m struggling to find much good music at the moment – I hope this blog helps you but with about 2 readers it probably doesn’t. This just feels nicely light and airy, pleasant ro-minimal for future summer evenings.

Lazare Hoche & S.A.M. – The AR

A quirky and stripped back little ditty – almost sounds very basic in terms of production but it has charm by the buckets.

Softcore – Luv 2 B Right

I feel like I love everything that Mihigh and Lizz are doing right now – this drawn-out floaty warm-up minimal is just my cup of tea, with a little surprise twist towards the end.

Mihigh & Lizz – Hau come

A real feel-good edit of a slightly mournful yet totally magical 80’s track that you do all know. I wish the vocal never kicked in properly though.

Late Nite Tuff Guy – Bless The Rains

Another Mihigh and Lizz track that I’m really into, though I could pick many. Just enjoying the rolling minimal beats, slight gloom and almost Ricardoesque drumming.

Mihigh, Lizz – Congo

A few years old and kind of passed me by originally, but has this melody that could send me to tears when we finally are allowed to gather and dance together. Sunshine ro-minimal at its best.

Cristi Cons & DeWalta – Within Space