New Tracks

One of the best house tracks produced in recent years. 14 brilliant minutes of in-out house music, enough to send a dancefloor absolutely wild. Super addictive track.

Sharif Laffrey – And Dance

I subscribe to fabric CDs but some of them take me a long time to get around to listening, such as Hannah Wants’ effort. I finally plucked the courage and was pretty bored until this bass soundscape came on and broke things up – this is quite glorious, moody and bass-filled.

Alex Coulton – Ambush

Quite a dark, harsh techno track with elements of minimalism. The other track on the record is really good too – a dub techno beauty.

Bas Amro – Nearing

A great underground house groove with electronic huffing. Simple but just has that tiny bit to get you going.

Anestie Gomez – Softpunch

Loved this from the first second, a charming melody-filled 15 minutes by someone of increasing genius, Sepp.

Small chance I might have got this wrong as I haven’t bought it yet, but think it is the Toolwaxx LP.

Sepp – Lady

Rereleased in 2016, this is a beauty of a minimal track, setting tension and poise – made in 1998 in the minimal bastion of Iceland, of all places.

Thor – T1

Something about this raw, fast, brutally banging hardcore track – a certain almost teenage, immature spectacle. Many will hate it. I think it has charm despite being hardcore. Yes this is the first time that I have ever featured hardcore.

Johnny Violent ‎– North Korea Goes Bang

You know when you are like, “why haven’t I heard this track before?”. I really should have heard it prior to now, just a huge warm glow resonating from the core of this house track. Quite deep, a little emotional, and just wonderfully warm.

Project Pablo – Is It Dry?