New Tracks

An older and more emotive track from one of the absolutely stars of ro-minimal, Petre Inspirescu. More than a touch of melonchony, the overlapping texture of the track make for a real piece of beauty. Don’t look at the price on Discogs though. You ain’t owning this!

Petre Inspirescu – Evar

Another K-HAND track for the blog, this is an older track from 1999 yet still has a modern swing to it, despite the bass being a little raw.

K-HAND – Candle Lights

The death of Kelli Hand recently, led me to spend some time going through her back catalogue (well, I’m still going through it – it is very extensive), and I was like “this is K-HAND”? A tune I’ve known and loved for some time without knowing who it was, this is pumping yet still on the deep flavour.

K-HAND – Remember When

I’m not sure if this might actually be awful, but it has Spanish pop-disco vibes from 1977 from your finest family holiday DJ in some Spanish resort. Some English vocals but mostly Spanish singing with a Latin feel. Just hold hands with the drunk, fat bloke and his bald wife, and swing your arms in the air and sing. Released on Salsoul Records so it must be kind of credible?

Charo & The Salsoul Orchestra – Borriquito

Kind of chuggy with a simple yet delightful repetitive beat, almost a drug-like hypnotic quality from absolute starts, Losoul.

Losoul – Ghost Talk

Cinthie again proving that she is becoming the master of joyful house sounds reminiscent of the mid-2000’s – I hesitate to say it but almost along the lines of Eric Prydz and Axwell before they went shit (they did produce some pretty decent records early on) – this level of house music joy. Yet with feet firmly in the underground and modern sounding production.

Cinthie – No One Can Take You from Me

Heard this played pitched down in a set a while back, and it makes so much more sense that way – it becomes really quite an emotive peak minimal track, and just totally glorious like the end of day peak sunshine saying it loves you. And it’s from 1997 too. Wow.

Cab Drivers – Open Air

It’s minimal, which is really no surprise for this blog, this is a Serbian producer that I’ve never previously heard of, with a sweet rolling bassline, the usual clicks and a background vocal which if I knew my pop music I right recognise – it’s definitely an edit of something!

Laza Stojanovic – Way Back

Offbeat techno before offbeat techno was ever a thing, though it probably still isn’t a thing. Broken beat with urgent synths – A Made Up Sound actually has tons of classic and underappreciated tracks.

A Made Up Sound – Take The Plunge (Beat Mix)