New Tracks

What happened to Luciano? He used to make such beautiful music, steeped around the ideas of minimal techno – such wonderful melodies and blissful, proper music. This is a decade old, yet I’ve only just discovered it.

Luciano – Amael Drama

Plinky and repetitive – what more can I want. Seems to get better as the track goes on too.

Goemon – FM Bass

It’s gentle, it’s dreamy, it has kind of spoken word vocals – then halfway through a sick bassline kicks in.

Bucurie – Music In Her Soul

Truly high quality deep house – like gliding along on a Mavlev train. Not released on vinyl though. Maybe go crazy and buy the CD?!

Fred P. – Soul Life Connection

Dark as fuck track about how cocaine can fuck up your life. Surprised that I’ve only just discovered it – classic Phuture house track with a sense of acid.

Phuture – Your Only Friend

Massive fan of this, though I don’t exactly know what it is – some kind of very “now” bass/offbeat techno crossover monster – think Hessle Audio. Would totally rip up the right club…though not anywhere with too closed an audience. Massive for the more expansive dancefloor minds.

E-Unity – Tallarita

I had become rather bored of Prins Thomas, believing that his time was 12 years ago and wasn’t coming back. However this is a glorious edit of an 80’s South African disco track – it sounds like what you’d expect Antal to play (maybe that’s who I discovered it from?) and is very afternoon beach danceable.

Don Laka – Stages (Prins Thomas Edit)

Favourite new disco track, and a newish creation too – from 2012. Quite a sexual track, one for a singalong. Alas – you’ll probably not get your hands on the vinyl.

Cheri – Lock & Pop (Ray Mang Edit)