New Tracks

For a while I thought this was called, “Space, Time, Furniture” and I still sing it like that. And for a while you might think this is a gentle track, but it really gets into a techno groove, with a powerful bassline and that “space, time…FURNITURE”.

Portable – The Spacetime Curvature (DJ Qu Remix)

Gripping techno track that just continues to pulse away at you for the 6 minutes – slightly minimal style but definitely techno.

Sinisa Tamamovic – The Master

Really quite uplifting techno with a really quite chunky kick-drum – Radio Slave at his best, and feels like it would fit right in with Sven’s sets of the latter 2000’s when this kind of music was really peaking.

Oh yeah, it was released in 2008.

Radio Slave – Incognito

One of those tracks that has been around a while but I’ve only just got into. Quite heavy on the vocal, but the kick-drum is superb, the melody is touching and the slow pace is just maraudingly sexy.

Omar S – Games That We Play

Early 2000’s funky house that almost now sounds up to date, such glorious, joyous, sunny vibes. Written by Cerrone, which should pique your interest, if you don’t already know this ray of sunshine.

Liquid People – Love Is the Answer

So both tracks on this EP are rather spiffing – this is more slightly offbeat, leftfield kind of music to take it a little wonky.

Jabes – Body Said No