New Tracks

I used to love Nathan Fake with his whole shuffly, jaded electronica. Then I discovered ket and couldn’t cope with it. Yet this is back from his peak jaged era and is quite the electronic beauty – very easily able to fit into a minimal set in the right way, as a peak track.

Nathan Fake – Dinamo

Quality minimal track that feels faster than it is – with a Boards of Canada sample. Giuliano Lomonte is a new producer to me, perhaps one to look out for.

Giuliano Lomonte – Thiago

Kind of jolly yet quirky offbeat techno, almost has a gypsy feel about it though I have absolutely no idea why I am describing it as so.

Joe – Tail Lift

What are you doing to me? Where are you taking me? This is broken music to kidnap someone to – assumedly in a film and not real life, of course.

Shackleton – But the Branch Is Weak

Dark, gritty and a little bit glitchy. Seems to originate in Berlin – the darkness suggests there is life in the old techno dog over there…though this isn’t quite techno.

Flxk1 & DB1 – B1

Portuguese minimal, sounds very much like you have a plan to carry out for the day, perhaps perfect music for resurfacing roads with a simple melodic pad up and down. Rhadoo is apparently also a fan…he clearly has good taste.

Pandilla LTD – Triangulum Australe

Italo-disco that is almost on the pop side – you’ll need to be in a certain kind of mood for this, a mood of wanting to smile.

Fun Fun – Color My Love

So so good, just a wonderful minimal track with a catchy hook – you’ll know it and I would tell you what track it is from but I’ve totally forgotten. And then when the bass drops in – oh you’ll so wish it wasn’t fucking 2020. I hope you are reading in the future.

Unknown Artist – Untitled B1 [TELUM003]

Mildy acidic breaks meets the trance riff of Meet Her At The Love Parade from Da Hool. Ahhh the Love Parade – it feels like the world needs hundreds of these right now.

DJ Normal 4 – Return Of The Hooligans