New Tracks

Little dark and twisted minimal track from one of the upcoming stars of minimal.

Zendid – Zidane

Proper electro from 1984 before it split into more techno sounds and more rap sounds (very imperfect history lesson!) – this is funky as and will make you move your shoulders side to side at the moment. And all about radioactivity.

MC Frosty & Lovin’ C – Radio Activity Rapp

Minimal techno for the urgent changing of multiple traffic lights – imagine this is what noise goes on secretly inside a major junction of traffic lights.

A_A – Jam #2 B1

Takes you up and takes you down and takes you up and takes you down – somewhat fun yet intense journey of melody.

Wata Igarashi – Turbulence

Forceful bass and filthy anger mixed up into an offbeat techno monster.

Szare – Kodiak

Quite a fan of Phone Traxx and their stripped-back basic garage, with almost 2000-era minimal techno melodies.

Phone Traxxx – Chi Quay