New Tracks

I feel that I’ve heard an even better mix than this, perhaps not, this is just pure summer disco serotonin dropping into your brain joy.

Corbi & J33 – Ma Warp (Rework)

Needs slowing down for my liking, a chuggy and questioning techno track with a groovy bassline – but as I said, pitch it down to make it beautiful.

Joey Anderson – Thee Analysis

What a bassline! Stripped-back garage music – this would seriously go off in the right place, yet sound fine in a minimal techno mix too.

Jack Michael – Opposite Visions

Another slow and classy track, this is just dream-like house music from the early 2000’s – something which I didn’t truly appreciate at the time (was still in my trance phase) – this disco housey goodness just oozes.

Metro Area – Caught Up

Just gorgeously slow, like walking through a jungle of sticky marshmellows. From a Japanese artist in the early 2000’s – guess we’ll never get a vinyl release. Only available on CD. Yep, CD.

Yoshinori Sunahara – Bright Beat

Like a trek across a lunar landscape – this is one of those track to start a mix with, to bring people into. Classic.

Nubian Mindz – Deadly Sins