New Tracks

Chuggy, dubby minimal track for when you are really deep into things. I am possibly only adding this because of the name.

nSd – Cums N’Roses

Stripped back and dark 4 minutes of little – the drums sound like they are set back somewhat and there is a short cutaway to some nomadic noises.

Kosei Fukuda – Kouya

This should offend every aspect of my being, yet the simple yet tough hardstyle kind of beat appeals.  This is a hardstyle track about punani.  Sounds shit.  Probably is but for some reason it tickles me.

DJ Mystery – Punani

This just screams energy. I didn’t really expect it to kick in like it does after the breakdown – it seemed very unassuming. But this is ace.

Johannes Volk – Tears & Walls

Singing along with Brian Ferry – what has becometh of me? Another monster edit from Sepp is what – sublime, gliding minimal with Ferry’s chorus occasionally over. It works in a dreamy, drugged-up kinda way.

£74 fucking pound on Discogs right now though.


Quite a sad, gloomy emotion-filled track, nice bassline, chuggy underground house.

Honorée – Feeling

It isn’t fair to humanity how one person can have such a high percentage of the world’s creative genius, but as long as Villalobos keeps creating clicky, emotive masterpieces like this, in such quantities, then the world will be a better place for it.  Shame about Trump, but hey.

Beaver Sheppard – Tornado Brain (Villalobos Inretro Baby Remix)