New Tracks

Margaret Dygas really does manage the simple, hypnotic beauty well – and this track is almost seemingly on the quiet side, yet a few listens brings out a lot of joy.

Margaret Dygas – Butterfly Effect

Has a fair amount of energy behind it, almost like it could fit into an old Sven Vath set from say 2008 – yet is much newer. Nice to see this kind of music out again – and on Kompact.

1979 – Vulcano

This combo between Radio Slave and DJ Hell has the best elements of both of them, a deep brooding techno mix, with a sinister whirling feel and “This Is Radio Hell” on repeat. That kick drum after the breakdown is solid power too.

Radio Hell – Radio Hell

Melancholic Villalobos – maybe from his skiing accident? Who knows. Various vocal samples, including what sounds like Eminem or similar, and quite a wistful feel.

Ricardo Villalobos – Zeda Funk

A deep house track from 2005 which has completely passed me by until now, yet I feel like I’ve heard it so many times. Kind of ahead of its time, melodic yet that deep bassline groove that was very hip in 2010, with male vocodered vocals.

BarBQ — Myself

Late 80’s electro about being a businessman. I quite like when a track has a different topic from the usual – this is again quite slow and relaxed, yet has a funk to it.

“And I buy and I sell”.

Logo – Businessmen

Such warmth in this short track by Franck Roger – played on a podcast he did, I think for Circo Loco. It’s a slow track, a warm track and with vocals that I don’t mind.

Franck Roger – Les Yeux Fermés

This track has a nice floaty feel and a groove to it – maybe nothing out of the ordinary, but I just like the feel of it.

Archie Hamilton – Dos Equis

This has quite a forceful techno feel despite it very much being in minimal category – at least it is for my ears. Hypnotic, forceful and with discorded vocal snippets running through. Very nice.

Charlie – Sleepwalkers

It’s a very short track at just 3 minutes long, but has a happy synth bassline with a catchy hook. Vocals over the top and could easily be radio played…so not always my kind of thing but I do like this.

Jimi Jules – My City’s On Fire

This is really quite a dreamy track – takes a couple of listens to really get into it. Almost more Ibiza blissed house but in minimal form.

Really struggling to find good new music right now – curse of the pandemic or are quality levels much lower at the moment? Or am I not searching enough. Who knows, but this is bliss.

Melchior Productions Ltd – Closer (California Dreaming Mix)