New Tracks

Offbeat techno before offbeat techno was ever a thing, though it probably still isn’t a thing. Broken beat with urgent synths – A Made Up Sound actually has tons of classic and underappreciated tracks.

A Made Up Sound – Take The Plunge (Beat Mix)

Slightly quirky sounding minimal track with a slow rise feel to the pads. EP also has tracks from Cristi Cons and DeWalta – so it is heavyweight minimal, but this is the pick for me.

Topper – Bell Without A Cow

Such a classy feeling house track from 1993, a great bassline, a sultry vocal and occasional sax jabs – but thankfully minimal on those. Not sure why I’ve never previously discovered it – sounds like I should have known it since the 90’s.

Daphne – When You Love Someone

Dreamy kind of ambient electro track, yet occasionally slowly driving – with Ibicencos talking over about their memories of arriving on the island in the 1970’s, which makes it really dreamy. Surprised to be loving something by Soulwax – is a long, long time since they’ve done something this appealing to me.

Soulwax – Close to Paradise

House track that feels like a little ditty, it packed with dirty melody – and apparently Ben UFO has been playing it, so you can get a feel of the feel from that.

CultureClash – Mystic (House Dub)

Slightly groovy and again with slightly nonsense vocal stabs. The bassline and chuggy groove that it has means that it could easily fit into ro-minimal sets without it being overly ro-minimal itself.

Ben Vedren – Chiang Sheng

A quite introspective kind of floaty minimal track – some vocal stabs that sound a bit like Github, which is possibly the software engineer in me coming out.

A1 People – Do It (Metamatics Remix)

I kind of have Matthew Dekay down with all the wishy washy stuff that bores me – but this is a stripped back minimal track, really nicely constructed with a long beatless breakdown – and is still rather dreamy too.

Matthew Dekay – 1234

Well, I was tickled by the name. But it is also a really groovy house track with nonsense vocals in both Spanish and English. It really does make me want to dance – and even to start Djing again.

Mr. Tophat – Ketamine Boogie

This feels like a very difficult track to re-edit and at first I couldn’t understand why – yet it really does retain the authentic nature of the original yet class Dana’s classy underground tone to it throughout.

Charlie – Spacer Woman (Rework by Dana Ruh)