New Tracks

Taken a few listens to get into this, it is another one of those lounging adventures through whatever area of topiary you desire. And just absolute superb production.

Call Super – All We Have Is Speed

A bassline-led adventure through the undergrowth on a dark, damp yet hopeful morning. Lee Burton really does make some class music.

Lee Burton – 1420hz

Rather a long time ago I used to live in a shitty student house with 22 people and just 3 sets of cutlery. I survived on bread, cheese and vodka – and dancing to this fast-faced clicky techno track until one of my 22 housemates banged on my door and told me to “shut the fuck up”. This was a great stomper of a track, though Alter Ego became better known for more electro style tracks like the massive, Rocker. Who knows where they are now?

Alter Ego ‎– Betty Ford

Super floaty, wispy Italo from 1985 – you can just be sooo cool lying on a porn star sofa smoking a cigar to this.

Byron – Too Much

Maybe you need it, maybe you don’t – a Todd Terje remix of Pop Musik, that classic 80’s track. Well, it put a smile on my face anyway.

M – Pop Muzik (Todd Terje Remix)

Full of roaring energy and EBM power – David Vunk brought me here via his completely off his tits Boiler Room set (which is a must watch).

Im Kellar – Im Kellar

Has that glorious, wallowing deep feeling – I think you could either play this during painful moments, or to create blissful moments. Lee Burton is very much on my radar now.

Lee Burton – Monolith