New Tracks

A nice minimal track, taking you on a journey through a slightly grimy, damp, underground tunnel around the back of an old church on a moonlit night. A little dirty, a little chuggy – may need a few listens to give it time to grow on you.

Audio Werner – Long Haul

So much warmth in this recently re-released house classic – also a huge fan of the SIT remix too which I recently posted.

Brian Harden – Where You Are

Moody yet inspiringly warm techno track that has somehow escaped my ears since it was released 15 years ago. Would be a great track to finish the night on.

Schatrax – Mispent Years

A bowl mixed with dub, groove and understated methods, which bubbles up together into quite a consistent, stubby underground house track.

Sascha Dive – Drum Hydraulics

A cut-up version of Saturday Night by Whigfield – some will hate, but this has a real awkward fuck-you kind of personality to I, and isn’t really danceable.

Rian Treanor – Saturday Night