New Tracks

A little bit of an adventure – I love the Margaret Dygas remix too.

Honoree – Dorian

A really simple track with a deep, fat bassline and a slight hint of melancholy. That’s all I need.

Albert Ess – Wide Open

Rereleased in 2016, this is a beauty of a minimal track, setting tension and poise – made in 1998 in the minimal bastion of Iceland, of all places.

Thor – T1

People that know me well might be surprised to see me enjoy something so much, but I love a bassline – and I love a track that isn’t structured as normal yet still has dancefloor capabilities.

Minor Science – Volumes

Detroit combined with Jamaica. This is something quite different quite unique, a really deep, wobbling bass, mixed with a dub techno track and lackadaisical reggae vocals.

Rhythm & Sound – Queen In My Empire