New Tracks

How have I only just discovered this twisted, dubby slice of twisted low-slung house music? Moodymann pretty much at his best.

Moodymann – No

A really simply, early-morning lets keep going kinda minimal track. A bit bleepy – it doesn’t do anything new but it does the old very well.

Tom Ellis – Still Only One

It won’t win any awards for subtlety or novelty, however this has an appealingly thudding kick-drum.

SRVD – The Yard Man

It’s great to see proper electro being made again, and this is a funky vogue-demanding piece of class. Could easily have been made by one of the pioneers of pre-techno electro.

Vectorvision – Vortex Unknown

Such a classy house track – dubby and understated – how have I only just discovered this? Maybe I was just too into my minimal back in 2008.

Schatrax – Restless Nights

Seriously weird, which is why I like it so much. Slow, almost kind of industrial synth-pop, with someone drumming on waste cans and occasional almost Radiohead-like vocals. Catchy and like little else I’ve heard, it needs a couple of listens though.

Bergsonist – Heat

I really don’t know what to say about this. An electro-tinged, activist-seeking tinge of urgency – a quirky track for sure. Apparently the original is offensive to Islamic fundamentalists – I’m not entirely sure why but maybe be careful which country you play this in!

Üdytü Ützeltürk & His Male Harem – Kairo (Boris Dlugosch Edit)

There are times during Dewalta’s increasingly brilliant productions where I wonder if maybe he is Villalobos in disguise – though I think we all know just how much of an influence the magician has been on so many. This is a floaty yet pacey minimal production, in the Romanian realm, with enough weird noises and clicks to keep one intrigued. Excellent track.

DeWalta – Vega