New Tracks

House music with such a deep oomph and groove, by the wonderful Mr G. A good 7 years old at the time of writing, but discovering late is fine.

Mr. G – Music For All

A dirty, kind of roar of a track. I guess you’d call it electro though kind of hard to fit it into a box. Would be immense on a proper sound-system. According to Discogs, it is “characterised raw analogue pure machine funk”. OK. But have a listen.

Ara-U – Battle Royale

Well, I’ve started going through Paul Johnson’s very extensive discography following his passing, to see what gems I may have missed. This is quite a recent track, I’m enjoying the upbeat triggerish jack to it, and all the computerised vocals. One for a real dancefloor moment.

No vinyl release sadly.

Paul Johnson – House Music Will Bang Forever

This just has quite an astonishing breakdown and a really good use of the sample. Almost Ricardo-esque padded beats and quite an adventure at 15 minutes long.

Traumer – Espala

One of those feel-good techno tracks that Omar S is soooo good at. Well, I call it techno – it is more at a pace of house music but it has a techno ethos. Enjoy the euphoria.

Omar S – I Wanna Know (Extramental Mix)

A rarest of posts – a drum’n’bass track – this is light on the breakbeat, fairly slow-paced but heavy on the darkness.

Available on Bandcamp – no vinyl release at the time of writing.

Ghost Warrior – Shivers

Another dark and moody breakbeaty techno track, with some synth screeches in the background. But it is all about the breakbeat power.

Gesloten Cirkel – Prisonriot

Quite an in-your-face track, more breakbeats but in a fast electro kind of style, with rave sythn stabs to give it a bit more urgency. Also quite a dark feel to it.

SALOME – Terror

In a year with seemingly much less great music than normal, this stands out as a foreboding warning – musically it feels like a warning of the dreadful future ahead. Powerful yet understated somehow.

LUCIO – Panic Zone (Mark Ambrose Remix)

Breakbeat basslines that just absolutely stomp. Kind of in between electro and minimal – a slower vibe.

dot13 – Apex Mode