New Tracks

This just slowly chugs away as if nothing in the world is going on – and very little is going on right now. Take your time like this 13 minute minimal beauty from Rhadoo does.

Rhadoo – Baisbe Alt Bass

Feel good 80’s track – vocally sounding like Madonna, and very much fitting the modern synth-pop disco kinda vibe.

Alisha – All Night Passion

This does take a huge slab of Ricardo’s Andruic track which is simply amazing and play it over a more modern minimal track.

Safe to say that it will never be released properly!

Andrew – Amo Edit

Super slow and dirty kinda offbeat techno. A whopping bass line and the whole track feels like an industrial hammer.

Ossia – Dub Hell

I discovered this at the beginning of the lockdown being announced and it rang a bell – having my freedom taken away from me (understandably) and feeling that I needed some help. A rather classy remake of a pop track.

Saucy Lady – Help

Dark and heavy bits with an offbeat twist. Really quite a heavy feel – this would be amazing on fabric’s speakers for example. Impossible to play this without turning the speakers up…well unless you don’t like this track. But you should.

1995 too. Wow.

Violet – Central Pro NYC

This man is power – producing so many long, great house tracks at the moment – this has a deep bassline to it, a tempting hi-hit and a really fine groove. Doing the usual in-out shebang that Sharif Laffrey seems very keen on.

Sharif Laffrey – Sounds To Come

Quite a lot of energy and interesting sounds going on in what is a chuggy house track.

Lumieux – Dreamliner