New Tracks

House track that feels like a little ditty, it packed with dirty melody – and apparently Ben UFO has been playing it, so you can get a feel of the feel from that.

CultureClash – Mystic (House Dub)

Slightly groovy and again with slightly nonsense vocal stabs. The bassline and chuggy groove that it has means that it could easily fit into ro-minimal sets without it being overly ro-minimal itself.

Ben Vedren – Chiang Sheng

A quite introspective kind of floaty minimal track – some vocal stabs that sound a bit like Github, which is possibly the software engineer in me coming out.

A1 People – Do It (Metamatics Remix)

I kind of have Matthew Dekay down with all the wishy washy stuff that bores me – but this is a stripped back minimal track, really nicely constructed with a long beatless breakdown – and is still rather dreamy too.

Matthew Dekay – 1234

Well, I was tickled by the name. But it is also a really groovy house track with nonsense vocals in both Spanish and English. It really does make me want to dance – and even to start Djing again.

Mr. Tophat – Ketamine Boogie

This feels like a very difficult track to re-edit and at first I couldn’t understand why – yet it really does retain the authentic nature of the original yet class Dana’s classy underground tone to it throughout.

Charlie – Spacer Woman (Rework by Dana Ruh)

Glimmering house music that twinkles as the moonlight shines at you. Josh Brent – better known as Schatrax – has produced some quality house music over the last near 3 decades and this 2016 repress should really be more of a classic.

Josh Brent – What Would You Do Without

Too deliriously dreamy to be taken too seriously, this Italo track just builds the joy. And then kicks in the vocals. Nice. Very nice. Almost got a Goldfrapp feel to it – but from 1983.

Lama ‎– Love On The Rocks

Another track that’s taken me a few listens to really go for, I have fallen for the zip-wire synth that splits this shaky, offbeat techno track in two. Very now, very Hessle Audio kind of sound.

Hooverian Blur – Phantom Space

Quality garage track – good bassline, vocal snippets and a two-step groove. An alter ego of Burnski, who is well known for some quality house tracks.

Instinct – Someone