New Tracks

Chunky and danceably funky yet totally underground track, with a some almost kind of rapping going along. Sounds like something Loco Dice would have made in his pomp

Bodeler – Philypop

Underground house with a super-groovy baseline. I defy you not to get down to this – on the off-chance that your DJ can actually afford it.

STABLO No. 9996 – A (Varhat Edit)

I think the kids call this emosh. I’ve known about it for years but it has really been triggering deep joy in me recently.

Omar S – Set It Out

Chuggy, dubby minimal track for when you are really deep into things. I am possibly only adding this because of the name.

nSd – Cums N’Roses

Stripped back and dark 4 minutes of little – the drums sound like they are set back somewhat and there is a short cutaway to some nomadic noises.

Kosei Fukuda – Kouya

This should offend every aspect of my being, yet the simple yet tough hardstyle kind of beat appeals.  This is a hardstyle track about punani.  Sounds shit.  Probably is but for some reason it tickles me.

DJ Mystery – Punani