New Tracks

Brilliance on another level from the ItaloJohnson guys – a tough, solid underground house beat, with a loads of “yeah”s over it – just a total, destructive weapon.

ItaloJohnson – 11A

Mr G is the master of straight-forward house grooves. Keeping it simple with bass and vocal stabs – just an all-round happy piece of dancefloor action.

Mr. G – Music For All

Johnny D is alive! There was a while where I wondered what happened to Johnny D – a man who pretty-much single-handedly reminded all minimalsters in the late 2000’s that house music still exists. This is a slightly gloopy, warm house track to shuffle along to.

No vinyl release from what I can see.

David Pher – Alternative Facts (Johnny D Dubby Mix)

This understated house groove just got me – maybe doesn’t stand out so well on it’s own but would be a high point in a mix of similar grooves.

Levi Verspeek – Hmmm

I feel that I might be a little late to the party here – a stripped-back proto-garage track with the kind of underground house vibe that you’d imagine the Fuse crew playing.

Objekt – Theme From Q