Tag: Cocoon

Yes.  Oh yes.

This is deep rumbling basslines, angry, dirty with electronic blips and a realisation.

This is very interesting techno.

Available on Cocoon.

Exercise One – Top Score

One can tell within seconds of listening that this is on Cocoon, it is quite progressive kind of techno, plenty of little bleeps and moves along nicely.

Daniel Stefanik – The Silicon Garden

Takes a little bit of time to get going this one, but when it does, when the funky bassline takes over and the lady shouts “wooooooo!”, you just know you have to step up your dancing mood an extra notch.  Slight acid feeling to it but totally groovy, will be huge.  Perfect Cocoon track.

Christian Burkhardt – Stopover Goa

Oh this is really quite gentle, floaty and nice and I could listen to this for quite a long time – and it is on Cocoon – what are you doing to me Cocoon?

Basti Grub & Komaton – Sick