Tag: Deep House

I’ve listened to quite a bit of turd today, so this made a refreshing change when the warm, subtle tones inserting themselves into my ears.  It’s a nice warm-up track, a casual piece of deep house, with occasional vocal inflexions.

Robert James – Soul One

Slow, luxurious deep house.  It isn’t helping my low motivation levels, I just want to lay down with my eyes closed and listen to this repeatedly.

Galcher Lustwork – I Neva Seen

It took me a good few minutes to work out this is a gloriously deep and slightly blippy remix of Stevie Wonder.  Nicely subtle.

Released in 2010 on Bosconi Records.

Mass Prod – 72 Minutes Of Scrubs A Day

Imagining myself cuddling a dolphin on some beach loungers in Ibiza whilst listening to this glorious deep house beauty.  And then the dolphin makes me get up and dance.

I don’t know anything about the artist.

Focus – Find Myself

So much warmth and sunshine in this deep house cut.  It doesn’t do anything unique, just a really good piece of deep house on Wolf Music.

Homework – Conquered Enemies

It’s like floating along a seabed watching the octopus glide in between the reeds.  Luxurious deep house.

I don’t recall ever featuring a Japanese artist on this blog – I am aware there is a good scene in Japan, musically at least.  More researched needed.

So Inagawa – Logo Queen