Tag: Deep Trance

Another glorious production from Agoria, with sweeping emotive strings like only he seems to produce with such regularity.

Agoria – Bapteme

Really nice calming but warming strings, a pleasant breakdown then more warm strings.  A really nice piece of deep trance.

Vince Watson – Deja Vu

Sven has occasionally produced music in his life, not so much recently.  This is an excellent remix of one of his classic more trance-like efforts, by the on-form Ame, released to celebrate his 50th birthday.

And I do regret not going to Sven’s 50th birthday in Germany last year.

Sven Vath – L’Esparanza (Ame Reinterpretation)

I discovered this on the truly excellent Craig Richards compilation – Get Lost – it was only a few tracks in and just sent me crazy, in a sober Monday night kind of way.  So much emotion behind the melody, a simple beat and a trance-like drift on occasion.

Raiders Of The Lost ARP – On And On

Mathew Jonson is an absolutely wonderful producer, making many an epic track and this is no different with a slow and ponderous light beat and melancholic melody providing the sad drama.  Could be a perfect second-last tune of the night.

Isn’t the newest tune ever but has really grown on me over the years.

Mathew Jonson – When Love Feels Like Crying

Am I imagining that The Cheapers used to make gash fidget-house?  Probably.  I could be making that up.

This is one of those luxurious Tale-Of-Us set-end kind of dreamy deep trance efforts, really well-produced and a solid 8 minutes long.

The Cheapers – Memories

This is gorgeous darkness like an ominous thunder cloud, slightly haunted vocals with a gentle melody, this is stunning.

&ME is quickly becoming one of my favourite producers.  Second time I have listed one of his tracks, the other being Purple Rain.

&ME – After Dark

I could tell on the build up that I was going to love this track, and the melody kicks in and yes it is a beauty, sticking in the mind like the Eiffel Tower.  Power and melody.

Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike – Lenoix