Tag: DJ Koze

Sometimes I can go 10, 20 hours of tune-hunting without finding anything I even vaguely like.  Today I’ve loved 3 tracks in a row.

This is outstanding – slightly uncomfortable, darkly warm with a variety of clicks, high pitched noises and a deep bassline to meld it together – it does sound like a Grungerwoman.  Whatever that is.

Ada – Faith (Koze’s Grungerwomen Instrumental Remix)

This track is everywhere.  A spoken-word prophesy about the drug, ecstasy.

DJ Koze – XTC

With such invention as both producer and remixer you can imagine what unique beauty may be conjured up but this is miles better.  Easily my best discovery of 2013, a slightly-broken beat feel with warm sweeping synths, charming vocals and the odd bit of feedback.  Truly amazing.

The only downside is that I run out of superlatives sometimes.

Matthew Herbert – It’s Only (DJ Koze Remix)

A beast of a track.  I am a huge fan of DJ Koze, I love the unpredictability of his music, straddling somewhere between deep house, minimal and tech-house, this is quite an emotive piece of music, one I think dolphins would appreciate and much as dancers, and takes that unexpected twist which ensures it is featured on my blog.

DJ Koze – Abudinga

Heard this on a couple of DJ sets from Tiefschwarz and Art Department, loved it but no idea what it was for weeks and then I heard Sven play it at fabric and it just sounded amazing – 3 weeks later finally worked out what it is, it has been driving me crazy!  Amazing tune, with this absolutely devastating rolling bassline, some minimal clicks and beats and breaks down suddenly into a really good quote from some film “what is it about art anyway that we give it so much importance…” – this is just absolutely fantastic.  If only I could afford a trip to Ibiza to hear it in Ibiza.

Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)