Tag: Dub Techno

This track oozes class.  The title of the track is very representative of the feeling, I am just imagining laying on an inflatable armchair after a long night out.  Musically – think deep and dubby.

Honeydrop – Inflatable Armchair

This is a typically classy track – kind of hard to pigeon-hole, somewhere between dub techno and tech-house.  It reminds me of a whirling painting of an industrial landscape.

Levon Vincent – Fear

It’s got this nice scratchy sound over this slightly more techno dub techno sound, along with a subtle and short breakdown.  Simple but really good.

Yotam Avni – UR Sleeping

I am really getting into this spacious dub techno exploration, it really could be my new thing.

I don’t really know much about them – I know they are from America and have lots of tracks with very similar names.

DeepChord – DC14 [B1 Remastered]

I’ve been getting into these dub techno sounds for a while now, they always remind me of fabric in the first hour that it opens – yes I love to be there when a nightclub opens.  This is my favourite dub techno track so far, a science-fiction influenced beauty.

Johannes Volk – The Awakened Guardians