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Not exactly a new track, being from 1987, but I’ve been having a week of listening to 80’s only tracks to see what I missed out on and have become rather enchanted at this super groovy, yet angry, shouty classic.

Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant

You do not hear enough electro nowadays.  This is a charming little beauty full of melodic snyth stabs.

Dmx Krew – Astro Logical

Tiga right back on form with this clinky electro-soaked track.  Tiga made his made producing electro monsters when electro was good, back in the early to mid-2000’s – before it went all electro-house.  Rediscover electro with this very cool and catchy track.

Tiga – Bugatti

One of my favourite tracks to sing out loud at work.  Ashamedly I do not have that much of a grasp on the discography of the legendary Kraftwerk but am slowly gaining knowledge of their impressive volume of work and suggest that you do too.

Ich bin ein sex object.

Kraftwerk – Sex Objekt

What a classic mid-2000’s electro tune.  Delighted to have rediscovered it.  Surely cannot be more than a year or two before electro becomes cool again?  Maybe 3 years away.  I miss the power and performance of such monstrous delights.

Poni Hoax – Hypercommunication (Alter Ego Remix)

Proper sleazy electro remix of a house classic which you will recognise.

Oh and it’s from 2004 so before electro went shit.

Marco Passarani – I House You