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A really under-rated track from the east London maestro – went down an absolute storm when I played it recently.

Enzo Siragusa – Desire

This is minimal garage.  This is the first minimal garage track.  This is a whole new genre.  That devastating wobbling bassline is so effective and I can only dream of hearing that on a soundsystem.  Unless I play it.  Which I have done.  Twice.  And it destroyed the floor.

The garage breakdown and the two-step minimal are just wonderful.

Alexkid & Enzo Siragusa – Kilimanjaro 2

I heard this track about a year ago and fell in love, especially with the story told over the fittingly emotive moody underground beats.

Enzo Siragusa can do no wrong in my book.

Enzo Siragusa & Liefko – In My Head

This is just really good, solid underground house music that you can get down to quite easily but doesn’t do anything to make it not be underground – very impressive, I think this guy is a regular at Fuse in London which is a good little party.


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