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A flashback to my 90’s US garage days, reminded to me by a young lady called Sophie.  This has that slight two-step thing going, exuding warmth and glory.  If you don’t know it – you need to.

24 Hour Experience – Together

I really like this.  It’s just a simple garage track, it almost reminds me of speed garage with it’s repetitive soulful vocals and straight-forward beat.

Delgado – Keep Lifting

One of those house/garage crossovers with a huge bassline and some vocals.  Not especially clever but bigger than a pie.

Huxley – Inkwell

Garage is everywhere at the moment just like benefit scroungers but unlike them it has started to contribute once more to society for the first time in 15 years and is sounding really good like this piece from Shadow Child, a recent headliner from a night in my local area, Cubed.  The Hot Since 82 remix is excellent too.

Shadow Child – So High

Uplifting and modern sounding garage by two of the soon-to-be superstars of the garage-house crossover in the UK.  Probably called future garage or goose house or similar.

Bicep & Ejeca – You

This is very at the minute kind of garage/house crossover by an up and coming producer who is on my radar more and more all the time.

Jordan Peak – What Is House?

This is unlike most tracks on here and definitely has a style of it’s own – though with over a million views already you may have heard it!  Sick bassline, excellent melody.  And his own Radio 1 show.

Second appearance on my blog.

Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

Someone must have played this recently to remind me of it’s 90’s beauty, just when I was getting really desperate to go to nightclubs – kind of like garage but house at the same time.  Makes me want to start up a vinyl collection!

George Morel – Lets Groove

Nice bassy garage, really old-school sounding like 1997 style but so 2011.  Out on a label called Numbers.


Mosca – Bax

Kind of house music but with a definite garage influence which is very popular at the moment, Julio is fast becoming a producer to take notice of and I think there might be another track or two which I need to write about very soon!  Oh, it has a lovely fat bassline too.

Sadly I can only find a radio rip on Youtube, but it will do, you will be able to hear why I love it still, got that nice autumnal garage groove.

Julio Bashmore – Batty Knee Dance