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LeShaun is back with her voicemail messages.  Those close followers of Green Velvet will know what I am talking about.  This is a really good rounded house track, featuring man of the moment – Patrick Topping, though I was never a fan of his big track “Forget”.

Green Velvet & Patrick Topping – Voicemail

This is so much of a nuclear weapon that I could almost be tempted not to put this up here as it is a total dancefloor destroyer.  So good I am not going to say anything more about it – just listen and if you are a DJ play it and watch destruction like you are watching televised war.

Green Velvet & Harvard Bass – Lazer Beams

A techno classic remixed by a man who can do absolutely no wrong, a man very much on the top of my to-see list.  Anyone else would have ruined a classic.  Sinister and slightly ravey.

Green Velvet – Flash (Jamie Jones remix)