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As played by Jamie Jones at fabric recently, this went down so well, it has that constant siren stabbing noise along with the usual deep dark disco house sound and the devastating bassline.  It sounds like a Securicor van reversing.

Hot Natured – Assimilation

I heard Ricardo play this at Cocoon In The Park and I was like “what the f***”, I loved it!  Took me ages to work it out, and still there is only a set rip on Youtube for you to listen to.  It appears that it is only going to be released on vinyl, on Ricardo’s label Sei Es Drum.
It is the kind of track that I think a few people might hate but I just love it.

Butch – Rawhide

Ooh I really like this, it has a lot of synths going on, and a slightly electro feel to it though it is trying to be techno, I can think of quite a range of DJs who might play this at various times though it does say more ‘build up’ to me.

Pirupa – Raw Orbit

As someone wrote on Youtube, “I’ve slept with the girl of my dreams last weekend but this sound is a way better.”!
This is, like, not sure how to describe it but I would just go crazy on the fabric dancefloor if I heard this, uncontrollably.
I have been looking for this for ages, it is a rather slow, sexy house track with bits of vocals and sounds going “dum, dum dum dum dum dum, dum, dum, dum dum” and a oh my god kind of bassline, and an amazing breakdown at around 5 minutes.  So so good, I could write much more about it.

Noir & Haze – Around (Solomun Vox Mix)

This is a bit of a grower, I always liked it but it has really grown on me, a really good quality vocal house groove.

Steffi – Yours

It might take a little while to get going but this is minimal at its best, a gentle beauty of a remix of a track you may recognise from the vocals, quite the gem – Ricardo played it at Cocoon In The Park and it was one of those moments.

Cassius – The Sound of Violence (Franco Cinelli Remix)

One of the techier tunes that Sven played at Cocoon at Amnesia a few weeks back, quite tough for my recent standards, the second Levon Vincent track I have featured recently.

Levon Vincent – Man Or Mistress

This is pure techno brilliance.

Somebody played it in Ibiza (you might guess who it is), when I was at their very special night in a very special nightclub, and my dancing partners had decided to go see what was happening in the terrace, which was featuring Seth Troxler and Loco Dice if I recall correctly, but I just could not bear to leave the main room and I was rewarded with hearing this absolute belter.

It is quite fast-paced, constant, throbbing but very energetic and very uplifting…oh I can feel those ice cannons about to launch…woooooooossshhh!

Must pay a bit more attention to techno this winter I feel.

A. Mochi – C2M (Gary Beck Remix)

This is sexy techno.

No messing around, straight in there with a devastatingly grungy bassline…I worked out what track it was last night, and decided that it needed to become my waking up track, I required it in my life asap.

If this doesn’t wake you up in the morning and get you going, I don’t know what will.

German factory engineering techno music at it’s best…oh and yes, before you ask, I heard Sven play it in Ibiza.

Mark E – Belvide Beat

Kind of house music but with a definite garage influence which is very popular at the moment, Julio is fast becoming a producer to take notice of and I think there might be another track or two which I need to write about very soon!  Oh, it has a lovely fat bassline too.

Sadly I can only find a radio rip on Youtube, but it will do, you will be able to hear why I love it still, got that nice autumnal garage groove.

Julio Bashmore – Batty Knee Dance