Tag: Jichael Mackson

I become more of a fan of Jichael every week, though I’m not yet at obsession stage.  This is a 15 minute long percussive wonder.  Really quite addictive.

Sadly there is no video around any more.

Jichael Mackson – Voices

This is a proper house track by the best sarley-bugger eating smug-druggler around.  It just has a really good house feeling with snippets of German and some chupermarket seckout bleeps.

Jichael Mackson – Freitag Abend

Most people won’t like this.  It is very minimal, with plenty of strange clicks and really very understated.  It is rather  inventive and charming to me and the best cold minimal track I’ve heard in a while.  But if you don’t like cold, clicky minimal – don’t waste your time.

Jichael Mackson – A Snake In Da System