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It starts with a fairly ordinary tech-house beat with a distorted guitar melody over, drops out and then comes back in weaponised format.  Big.

I still love Maceo Plex despite his popularity.  No idea who The Smiths are.  Possibly a band?

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now (Maceo Plex Remix)

With almost 500,000 views on Youtube, this is almost too popular to post.  But I love it.  I shouldn’t care how popular it is.

This is a real power song – I played this and it just changed the whole dynamic of the dancefloor instantly.  Huge hit.

Gus Gus – Crossfade (Maceo Plex Remix)

Jon Dasilva – remember him?  No probably not.  He did something once.

And he has done something again – combining funky house girlie vocals with Maceo’s fabulous basslines.

Lovely.  But funky.  Dare you?

Maceo Plex & Jon Dasilva – Love Somebody Else

Like most of what Maceo Plex does, this is indeed the nuts – a nice fairly deep but definitely groovy, sexy house track – bound to cause a kerfuffle on a dancefloor.

Maceo Plex – Deez Nuts

Regular readers to this page will not need to be told of the brilliance of the artist formally known as Maetrik (ok he still is but this sounds better), nor what his music sounds like.

Just play it.

Out on the brilliant Crosstown Rebels

Maceo Plex – Frisky

Another month, another superb Maceo Plex tune – slightly dreamy house feel, nothing too underground, and yes he wants you under the sheets – when I am DJing out one day, if I play this I will remember to sing the words only to young women.  I will not sing it if I play a gay bar.  In fact, I won’t play it.


Previous tune

Maceo Plex – Under The Sheets

Yet another hot Maceo Plex track, this starts off with a really raw long rumbling dirty bassline, but it soon lifts up in melody…before breaking down for a repeat.

Lovely stuff.

Maceo Plex – Can’t Leave You