Tag: Minimal

At first I had no idea this was Cobblestone Jazz – it is after all, another cracking hypnotic Romanian-sounding minimal track.  But it has that haunting edge and musical groove to it that makes it stand out – and it makes sense by the end that of course it is Cobblestone Jazz

Cobblestone Jazz – Hired Touch

A simple, fairly slow beat, but with a very catchy hum-along melody, and plinks of a xylophone.  Effective.

Affie Yusuf – Rinse & Dry

I’ve been after this for some time, since I was back at a friend’s flat and managed to persuade them to swap X Factor for minimal techno seeing as it was 5am and we were out of it.  It is just a hypnotic groove with this enchanting English fellow occasionally saying “Yes that’s right, exactly”.

Takashi Himeoka – Ludwig

Such an infectious track, simple rising repeated cleeps – absolutely rammed-packed full of charm.  Julietta recently finished a mix with it, and it was played at Fuse on NYD.  Minimally massive.

Riccardo – Lapiuta

Gangster minimal.  Live by the gun, die by the gun.  Or live by the ket, die by the ket.  It has a groovy beat to it too.

Seuil – Al Capote

A quiet plodder, with the huge exception of some hauntingly beautiful piano twists.  Superb.

Samu l – Bella Mattina