Tag: Rave

I heard this on a mix by Pinch.  It has a real rave kind of energy to it, it tells people from London to fuck off and just has this rawness all through it.  Quite possibly influenced by Special Request.

Borai – Anybody From London

Sounds like a cross between a Securicor vehicle reversing and the breaks part of a rave track.

Kink – Trevoga

There is a place in Hull called Quadrant.  It is as delightful as it sounds.

However it was a delight to hear this on a miserable afternoon at work, not exactly sure if the mix is any different from the original but that doesn’t matter.  It sounds good and it needs to be played loud.

Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)

Groovy rave synth with an acid twist, I might have to play this one day to try to spin the dancefloor.  Shame it is only 6 minutes long as this could go much further.

Funkineven – Rolands Jam

Rave song number 2 for the blog, very German and first heard from Sven at Cocoon In The Park, not sure I want all music to be like this but it is different and good.

Soul Center – Dyr Bul Scyl

This one has been doing the rounds, it is featured with a massive rave synth, very unusual for recent years – I first heard Ricardo Villalobos play it at fabric in March, and also heard Steve Lawler and Sven Vath play it, it seems to have quite a wide appeal – and I love it!

MMM – Nous sommes MMM