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Controversial but Dependent And Happy is my favourite Villalobos album.  There is so much undiscovered beauty in it including this spaced out dreamy taxi-beeping New York trip.  Even more controversial – the track is less than 5 minutes long.

Ricardo Villalobos – Ferenc

Dependent And Happy is such an under-rated album, so full of beauty and wonder that it is easy to overlook certain tracks, which for me, this has been an overlooked beauty – full of delicate charm and a gruff German vocal line that I am happy to never know what it means.

Ricardo Villalobos – Das Leben Ist So Anders Ohne Dich

Sometimes tracks take a few years to grow on you, and this certainly has with the waspish strings and the impulsive inserts.

Ricardo Villalobos – Sieso

Have I mentioned Ricardo Villalobos before?

He is just light years ahead of every single music producer I have come across, this is best described as a minimal version of Subtellite, with intricate patterns of sounds, chimes, bleeps and clicks, it is just a delight.

Sun Electric – Toninas (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

Absolutely beautiful and charming, a track with such a dreamy melodic quality and those really warm, individual beats seemingly unique to Ricardo.  A stunning breakdown – would be most fitting for Cocoon closing on the terrace in Ibiza as the last track.

Also a 15 minute version but I actually prefer the shorter one.

Chris Tietjen & Ricardo Villalobos – TV Watching