Tag: Slow House

A very original beautiful track that really will send you into heaven, slow, very little reminder of dance music, lots of piano and some sweet vocals.  Best thing Nicolas Jaar has done in years.

Kasper Bjorke – Heaven (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

It’s a little cheesy and fluffy sounding but I like it, a nice slowish house groove about laser eyes or something banal but if everything I listed here was 17 minute long minimal tracks I wouldn’t make it to the grand total of 10 viewers per post.

Adriatique & Audino – All The Ladies

It really does annoy me that blood oranges are impossible to buy now.  This is excellent though, a Michael Jackson influenced slow house groove, introduced to me by the wonderful Wolf & Lamb.

Blood Orange – Dinner

Another day, another MANIK track, they are really doing it for me at the moment, great bassline, great drum patterns, just a really good groovy house track.

Out on Ovum Recordings.

MANIK – Amber Knife

Yes you’ve heard it all before, big bassline, sumptuous melody and vocal snippets but this is just wow, proper goosebumps kind of track, I am so in love with this.

So much good stuff coming out from MANIK, nearly everything they do is on the ball.

Available on Ovum Recordings.


Got to love a bit of Soul Clap.  Not everyone’s cup of tea as the music is sllllooooowwwww but I love it that way and this is groovy…and definitely for a dark corner to dance slowly to…delicious.

Soul Clap – Let It Go