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Your average techno purist will likely stab me metaphorically for calling this techno, but the deep bassline, darkness and risers just about qualify it – the talking Nina-esque vocals probably take it away but it’s an interesting listen.

Louisahhh!!! – Ready

A lesser-known yet tough and uncompromising track from Mr G, who rarely fails to provide.

Mr G – It??

I was listening to my playlist and thought, oooh this is a bit good.  And then I saw it was by Richie Hawtin.  Temporarily discombobulated, it is easy to forget with all the bullshit that he encircles himself with, along with the wanky loopy digital ‘DJing’ that he is actually an excellent producer, and this is a return to form with a brooding, 13-minute long techno beauty.  More please.

Richie Hawtin – No Way Back

This caught me a little off-guard.  It encompases unusually soaring vocals whilst gradually building into quite a long, gloomy techno track.  It wasn’t until the gloominess kicked in around the 5 minute mark that it all made sense – especially with the seagull noises.

Marco Shuttle – Sing Like A Bird

I’d just had the most frustratingly thick customer on the line then I heard this track, I just love the rolling bassline that kicks in after the breakdown, it makes so much sense.  A techno track but with a hint of tech-house about it.

Josh Wink – Denial (L.B. Dub Corporation Remix)

It’s trance, Jim, but not as we know it.  This breaks down into almost semi-cheese trance territory before bypassing back into a straight-forward techno track.  Solid.

Cracking album too.

Benjamin Damage – Cosmonaut