Tag: Underground House

Too often in dance music, vocals are meaningless bullshit, but this chuggy underground house track is a story about a woman’s need for her man, above meaningless consumption.  Heart-warming.

Nami – Melinda & Gatto

A really under-rated track from the east London maestro – went down an absolute storm when I played it recently.

Enzo Siragusa – Desire

tINI has been a favourite of mine for a few years now.

A warm, chuggy underground glow with vocal snippets and a totally un-EDM build-up to go back to the chug.  Very tasty.  Very tINI.

tINI – That’s Right

What is a bitchual linestepper?  A random girl that steals all your coke at the after-party?  The track is a nice underground house track, a touch floaty and dubby.

Patrick Specke – Bitchual Linestepper

Underground house dub that gently caresses the ears like a Body Shop massage cream and a hint of rattlesnake.  Sadly stops after 10 minutes – should be at least 30 minutes long.

Dubstar – Anxious

A slightly dubby underground beat, stripped back with snippets of perhaps a Spanish guitar, though the brain isn’t fully functionning right now.

A new artist to me – all I know about her is that she is from Ukraine.  I shall be endeavouring to find out more.

The Fumiya Tanaka remix is also worth a listen – nearly 3 times as long as the original.

Nastia – Maslo

Gorgeous whispering underground house track.  Slightly sexy too, like an oil rig.

&ME – Purple Rain

This is proper miserable, really quite dark and mournful underground house – almost as if it were made for a funeral or wake.  Real emotions behind this track.

Gloriously miserable.

Whim-ee – You Can Amor (Seb Zito’s JS Mix)

Allez ally allez ally allez ally ally allez – you must have heard this surely?

But if not then this is one dirty understated monster of an underground beast, just like in Tremors.

Shonky is one brilliant producer/remixer.

El Prevost – Allez Ally (Shonky Remix)